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Alexandria Opera House to Mark Isra & Miraj

Sun 19 Feb 2023 | 03:38 PM
Ahmed Emam

To celebrate Isra and Miraj, Alexandria Opera House will host a big concert on Sunday featuring the Islamic Chanting band, established by maestro Abdelhalim Neura.

Isra and Miraj celebrations are linked with Sufi strands of Islam as they are marked with poems and songs that praise the Prophet of Islam.

Muslims all over the world celebrate Isra and Miraj on the 27th day of the 7th month of the Muslim calenda, which falls on Feb. 18 this year. Every country has its own way of celebrating the occasion.

This special occasion is cited as one of the most sacred holidays in Islam.

It's the time when Mohamed ascended into heaven, where he individually greeted the prophets and later spoke to God, who gave Muhammad instructions to take back to the Muslims regarding the details of prayer