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Al Azhar Responds to Critics Accusing Sheikh Al-Sha'rawi of Extremism

Fri 06 Jan 2023 | 08:29 AM
Taarek Refaat

Al-Azhar responded to the recent attack by some on Sheikh Mohamed Metwalli al-Sha'rawi, during the past days.

It said on its official Facebook page, Thursday: His Eminence Sheikh Al-Shaarawi, he gave his life to interpreting the Book of God, and he devoted his life to that mission.

Al-Azhar added: “Al-Shaarawi communicated the meanings of the Qur’an to his listeners smoothly and sweetly, and attracted people of all levels to him, and awakened in them the faculties of reception.”

Also, the family of Sheikh Al-Shaarawi in Egypt decided to take legal action against the critic Tariq Al-Shennawi, regarding his recent statements and criticism of his ideas, which he described as "retro" and backwardness.

The wife of Mohamed, the grandson of Al-Shaarawi, added: The Sheikh does not need someone to speak or tarnish his reputation, and he does not speak falsely about him because it is of great value. Shaarawy talks about it.

TV anchor Ibrahim Eissa also criticized Shaarawi, saying that his idiologies are extreme like that of ISIS and Salafis, he is also against women and copts.

Earlier, critic Tarek el-Shenawy revealed his opinion on presenting the biography of Sheikh Al-Shaarawi on stage, saying: The most appropriate is to present a work that talks about the tolerance and modernity of the Islamic religion, stressing that this time is not appropriate to talk about the biography of Sheikh Al-Shaarawi because of his ideas.

El-Shenawy added: Al-Shaarawi had very reactionary opinions, with all due respect to his diligence and his fans, and he has a huge fan base. I was hoping to present a work that talks about the tolerance and modernity of the Islamic religion and its connection to the other.

The family of the Sheikh also decided to take legal action against the critic Magda Khairallah, regarding her recent statements and her insult to the late, after announcing the presentation of his biography on the national stage.

Khairallah said that the sheikh owned a great fortune and traded with religion, while, the wife of Al-Shaarawi’s grandson said that the source of his money is known, noting that the late gave up his rights to the Egyptian radio and television, built a religious institute and a mosque, and established a charity complex, in addition to building a hospital.

Meantime, the Egyptian president's advisor for religious affairs Osama Al-Azhari responded to some accusing Al-Shaarawi of extremism.

Osama Al-Azhari said: “There is a big difference between honest scientific criticism that no one disagrees with that it is acceptable, and between insulting, and attacking, and a big difference between pride and appreciation for the Imam.