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Ahmed Helmy Is Open to Participation in Ramadan 2025 Drama Marathon

Mon 29 Apr 2024 | 05:18 PM
Ahmed Helmy
Ahmed Helmy
Yara Sameh

Egyptian actor Ahmed Helmy participated Sunday at the 3rd edition of the International Congress of Arabic Publishing and Creative Industries (Congress PCI), in UAE, Abu Dhabi, organized by the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre (ALC).

During a panel discussion titled, “Filmmaking Alchemy: The Dynamic Relationship Between Literature and Film Adaptations”, Helmy revealed the reason behind his few roles on the small screen compared to his big ones, as his last TV series was “Operation Messi,” which was screened nearly 10 years ago.

“I love cinema more than drama making and feel that cinema has a special, lasting, and ongoing magic, and it is true history. However, at present, there has become a basic presence of dramatic works, and they are being followed by a very large segment of the audience, and the platforms have also allowed spreading and the audience has the opportunity to watch any work from around the world,” he commented.

Helmy noted he was late in presenting drama series regularly, due to his desire to present any project in a good and distinctive way, adding: "Each stage to have its full opportunity to prepare and implement, starting from writing, through preparation, production, and photography.

He joked: “Regarding the Ramadan drama marathon, you feel that people are surprised by its approaching date every year, even though its date is known, and series makers start filming at the last time, and they are wronged in that because I see that a period of 12 months is not enough to prepare a series, especially since the process Writing alone takes at least about 7 months if the author is quick to write, and then the preparation process takes 2 or 3 months, and filming takes 2 months, then this situation does not suit me at all,”.

He continued: “I would love if I presented a series during Ramadan, for the preparation of the project to extend at least more than a year and a half before filming, and I may participate in Ramadan 2025, but I have not decided my final position yet.”

Ahmed Helmy

The 3rd edition of Congress PCI is the first Arabic publishing world to facilitate conversation between publishers, content creators, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs from different platforms to learn how different media can thrive as the business of storytelling evolves.

The event aims to showcase the latest trends in publishing, highlighting the adaptation of books into other formats, promoting Arab content and exporting it to the world, opening new prospects for partnerships and collaboration among all parties participating in the event.

It brought together speakers in various fields across cultural and creative industries and from 50 countries to discuss the latest developments in the sector and explore best practices and experiences from around the world, to drive the transformation of the publishing sector.