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Ahmed Fahmy Teams Up with Mohamed Lotfy for First Time in "Esabet El Max"

Wed 01 May 2024 | 12:05 PM
Yara Sameh

Egyptian stars Ahmed Fahmy and Mohamed Lotfy are teaming up for the first time in the star-studded film "Esabet El Max".

Lotfy is currently shooting his scenes in "Esabet El Max"as per an extensive schedule of over 8 hours a day in Quseer with the film’s team. Then, he will continue shooting in Hurghada. 

Lotfy stated that he’s glad to take part in the film despite the extensive shooting schedule over the course of almost 10 days, due to participating in a number of television works during the Ramadan season. He filmed two days only during Ramadan.

He mentioned that he agreed to take part in the film without hesitation, adding: "This is a new character that I haven’t presented before. It is so special and has unique details. I liked the rhythm of the scenario, for the film is a journey in different governorates. It combines comedy, excitement, and suspense. We hope that the audience will like it. The film includes multiple surprises through this journey, with a large number of comedians,".

As for the character preparations, Lotfy noted, “We conducted multiple rehearsals about the character and its details to select the most suitable form, when it comes to appearance and movement, until director Hussam Soliman and I chose a simple character. It is also strict. Basically, director Soliman encouraged me a lot, especially after staying away from shooting for a long time because of working in Ramadan. After I got back, he helped me remember so many details”.

He also pointed out that it is the first artistic work to bring him together with Ahmed Fahmy, Mohamed Osama “Osos”, and director Hussam Soliman. Additionally, it is the second time to work with actress Lebleba after Atef El-Tayeb’s “a Hot Night” (1995), as well as Ruby after the first season of “Ramadan Kareem” (2017), and Hatem Salah after “My Son-in-law” last year. The events are concerned with action and comedy.

The film tells the story of “El Max” who is accustomed to carrying out thefts and smuggling without assistance. He figures out that he gets involved in bigger problems that threaten the success of the operations. 

“Esabet El Max” is directed by Hussam Soliman, and written by Ramy Aly and Amgad Al-Sharqawy. The pic, also stars Hatem Salah, is produced by “Artists Union” and “Legacy Productions”.