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Ahmed Fahmi to Star Alongside Yasmine Sabri in TV Series "Raheel"

Fri 09 Feb 2024 | 09:31 AM
Ahmed Fahmi
Ahmed Fahmi
Yara Sameh

Egyptian singer-actor Ahmed Fahmi is set to star alongside actress Yasmine Sabri's upcoming TV series "Raheel" (Departure).

The cast also includes Samaa Ibrahem, Ahmad Seyam, Ezzat Zain, and more.

It is scripted by Mohamed Abdel Moati, directed by Ibrahim Fakhr, and produced by Phenomena Media Production.

The series marks the third collaboration between Sabri and Abdel Moati after working on 2019’s "Hekayti" and 2016’s "Al-Ostora".

"Raheel" consists of 15 episodes and is set to screen during the Ramadan 2024 drama marathon.

Ben Al Sutoor

Fahmi can be seen in the TV series "Ben Al Sutoor" (Between the Lines).

The cast also includes Saba Mubarak, Nardine Farag, Ali Eltayeb, Mohamed Alaa, Walid Fawaz, and more.

The series consists of 30 episodes and hails from director Wael Farag and screenwriters Mariam Naoum and Naglaa Al-Hadini.