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Ahmed El Fishawy Teams Up with Nesreen Tafesh in Film "Binqadr Zrofak"

Thu 23 Nov 2023 | 12:58 PM
L-R: Ahmed El Fishawy, Nesreen Tafesh
L-R: Ahmed El Fishawy, Nesreen Tafesh
Yara Sameh

Egyptian actor Ahmed El Fishawy is teaming up once again with Syrian actress-singer Nesreen Tafesh in the comedy film "Binqadr Zrofak" (We understand your situation).

The cast also includes Mahmoud Hafez, Mohamed Mahmoud, Arfa Abdel Rassoul, and more. 

The film is scripted by Samir Al-Neel, directed by Ayman Makram, and produced by Colombia Art Productions.

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El Fishawy is also collaborating with Tafesh in the film "Elsystm" (The System).

The cast also includes Mais Hamdan, Passant Shawky, Mohamed Ali Rezk, and more.

The film is scripted by Ahmed Mustafa, directed by Ahmed El Bendary, and produced by Run Films and Best Media Production.

It marks the third collaboration between El Fishawy and Yusri after the films "Ritsa" (2021) and "45 Days" (2007).

El Fishawy was last seen in the film “Rahba: Wara Masna El Karasy”.

It also stars Sama Ibrahim, Mohamad Al Qass, Mahmoud El-Bezzawy, Mustafa Gharib, Abdel-Rahman Zaza, Yasser Al-Tobgy, Ahmed Ramzi, and others.

The film is scripted by Mohamed Allam, directed by Reda Abdel Razek, and produced by El Gozour production company.

El Fishawy, born November 11, 1980, is the son of acclaimed actress Somaya El Alfy and late veteran actor Farouk El Fishawy.

He started acting at the age of nine starring alongside his father in “Al Morshed”, then took part in small film roles including 1998's “El Batal” (The Champion) with iconic actress Ahmed Zaki.

In 2000, El Fishawy received his acting breakthrough in legendary actress Faten Hamama's TV series “Wagh Elqamar” (The Moon's Face). His first lead role in a drama in 2004's "Afarit El Sayala” (The Ghosts of Sayala) and his film debut in 2005's “El Hasa Elsabaa” (The Seventh Sense).

The actor's most successful roles include the multi-season sitcom “Tamer we Shawqyea” (Tamer and Shawqeya) and the thriller/drama film “45 Youm” (45 Days).