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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

AEW All In: History Made in Wembley Stadium

Wed 30 Aug 2023 | 04:00 PM
Rana Atef

On Sunday, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) organized its biggest show ever, All In, at Wembley Stadium with an attendance of 81,035 and this number is 100% legitimate paid attendance.

PWI highlighted that Visitors, comps or anyone else beyond the paid tickets in the announcement was not included as the company.

Although the card of the event was deeply criticized due to the presence of 5 tag team matches, one of them included all Golden Elite members, except the Young Bucks.

The night kick-off was opened by a good and nice match for MJF and Adam Cole to capture the Ring of Honor Tag Team titles after defeating the Aussie Open in a nice and funny match. The double clothesline, and the Kangaroo kick were the highlights of the match.

It was followed by a nice and surprising match between Hook and Jack Perry for the FTW title. Both promising stars delivered a good performance and they got a nice interaction from the fans.

After that, CM Punk and Samoa Joe, who renewed their historical ROH nights, delivered their classics from the ROH library to Wembley Stadium.

Both superstars shifted the roles of the face and heel as London fans seemed so anti-Punk, so Joe made lovely work with fans. In addition, they delivered for classy and respectful performance despite their age, and injury history.

Next came the 6-man tag team contest. There is no doubt that seeing Kenny Omega with the Elite at Wembley Stadium is a great thing, but the performance of the match was lower than expected. The decision of Takishta pinning Omega is right for the AEW All Out event, next week.

After that came FTR. VS. the Young Bucks. Although both teams delivered an outstanding performance, this match could be the weakest one of their trilogy. FTR getting the victory is a good decision.

Stadium Stampede came with an entertaining 20 minutes of chaos and hardcore spots. There is no doubt that Mox has been the king of those matches recently, but, The Best Friends showed a new and different side. It was more violent and crueler. 

For women's presence, Saraya stole everyone's attraction with her entrance, using Queen's "We Will Rock You."

Then, everyone of the ladies, including Britt Baker D.M.D. got big applause from the fans. The match was so short, good overall, and the win of Saraya was so expected.

Next, the Icon Sting, who shone in the Jocker Sting and with Metallica's "Seek and Destroy," and Darby Allin took the stage against Swerve Strickland, who had a live performance for his theme song, and Christian.

Although this match was among the criticized games, this match was one of the most entertaining spots, especially by Sting.

After that, Chris Jericho revealed his powers as a rockstar by performing his "Judas" live with his band and his powers as a pro-wrestling icon against IWGP US (UK) Champion Will Ospreay. 

Ospreay received one of the biggest applauses through the night as he stepped inside the ring as a national hero.

The contest was one of the top performances of the night, and among the best.

The House of Black co-main-evented the show with their Bray Wyatt tribute and lost their titles to The Acclaimed who had a very warm welcome, including their Billy Gun. However, it was the weakest match at the night.

Finally came the main event! MJF, 24-year old guy, managed to deliver an unforgettable night. 

Both Cole and MJF gave the fans everything they expect from a main event at Wembley Stadium whether in terms of performance, entertainment, and storytelling.

All segments between both stars in the past three months were reflected in the sequence of the match like the double clothesline, the evil side of MJF, the Dynamite Diamond Ring, and the belts.

The inner conflict of Cole, and the shifts between the roles of the face and heel struck the madness of the fans to cheer at the stadium.

The event overall was epic, returned the classic lost vibes of 1990s WWE SummerSlam, and WrestleMania.

A lot of rules of the game was changed by AEW All In, as the earliest ROH/Bullet Club All In did in 2018.