Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

ACC Releases This year’s Golden 101 in AC Magazine's Cannes Edition

Fri 19 May 2023 | 09:54 AM
By Pasant Elzaitony

Arab Cinema Center (ACC) recently released its list of the 101 Most Influential Personalities in the Arab Film Industry — AKA the Golden 101 — which celebrates the region’s best and brightest in the filmmaking industry in its annual Cannes edition of the Arab Cinema (AC) Magazine.

The ACC's list includes the most prominent artists, filmmakers, and film-related institutions that had a major impact on the industry over the past year.

This year’s Golden 101 includes 21 directors, 12 producers, 12 actors, seven crew members, 21 distributors, 12 influential figures in Arab governmental institutions, 10 platform managers, two presenters, 13 festival directors and managers, and seven fund managers from 24 countries — 15 Arab and nine non-Arab.

Egypt and Lebanon lead the way with 23 names each, followed by Saudi Arabia (17), Jordan (11), Tunisia (9), Syria (5), the UAE (4), Sudan (3), Kuwait (3), Morocco (2), Iraq (2), and Qatar and Yemen with one name respectively.

As for the non-Arab entries, they’re led by the US, which has four names, followed by the UK (3), France (2), Italy (2), Canada, India, Monaco, and South Africa, each of which has one name.

The list includes mega-stars from Egypt such as Yousra, Tamer Hosni, Ahmed Malek, Hussein Fahmy, Marwan Hamed, Ahmed Mourad, Ahmad Al-Morsy, Ahmed Hafez, Heba Othman, Amir Ramses, Mohamed Hefzy and Sally El-Husseini, music composer Hisham Nazih, producers Marianne Khoury and Shahinaz El-Akkad, and distributors Gaby Khoury and Ramzi Khoury.

It also has Ashraf Salman, Executive Director of United Media Services; Ahmed Sharkawy, Director of Arabic Series at Netflix; and Nashwa Gad Al-Haq, General Manager of Watch IT.

From Lebanon, the list includes star Razane Jammal; filmmakers Wissam Sharaf, Noel, and Michelle Kesrouani; sound designer Rana Eid; TV presenter Raya Abirached; Founder and CEO of ABBOUT PRODUCTIONS George Choucair; Founder and Director of Cocoon Films Sawsan Asfari, and CEO of OSN Joe Kawkabani.