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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

61 Egyptian Fishermen Detained in Tunisian Port of Sfax

Sat 09 Jan 2021 | 05:11 PM
Gehan Aboella

Ministry of State for Migration and Egyptian Affairs Abroad received a call for help, from the families of 61 Egyptian fishermen detained in the Tunisian port of Sfax for about 3 weeks.

The Ministry has immediately reached out to ensure the detained fishermen’s safety.

The Ministry revealed that the fishermen had carried out illegal fishing in the Tunisian economic zone, assuring their families that all of them were safe.

The competent authorities in Tunisia are verifying the fishermen’s identity documents to ensure that they hold the Egyptian nationality, in order to start taking the necessary measures.

The Ministry calls on the Egyptian fishermen to immediately stop approaching and entering any economic zone, that belongs to other countries.


Ministry Nabila Makram

Just as Egypt succeeded in controlling illegal immigration which endangered the lives of the Egyptian citizens, it is working hard in order to prevent this phenomenon.

Therefore, the Ministry launched the 'Survival Boats' initiative to raise awareness of illegal immigration’s dangers, which is what the state is already embarking on, based on respecting its international and legal obligations and its concern also for the safety of its Egyptian fishermen.

Contributed by Omnia Ahmed