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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

38 Egyptians Kidnapped in Western Libya

Fri 29 Jan 2021 | 09:55 AM
Ahmad El-Assasy

On Thursday, 38 Egyptian nationals have been kidnapped in Western Libya by criminal gangs, according to Libyan sources. They added that the kidnapped Egyptians are being held near the capital, Tripoli.

The kidnappers are demanding a 15,000 Libyan dinars ransom for each of the kidnapped persons, a ransom to release them. The kidnapped Egyptian nationals are from Upper Egypt’s Qena and have entered Libya illegally.

Days ago, the Libyan security forces managed to set free numerous Egyptians who had been kidnapped.

The Tobruk Security Directorate said that the security forces had arrested several criminals involved in kidnapping and extortion of Egyptian citizens. The prosecution is investigating them to pursue all those involved in kidnapping foreigners.

Also, a high-ranking Libyan security source confirmed that forces managed to free 13 Egyptian citizens who were kidnapped by a criminal gang a few days ago, including 10 Egyptians from Beni Suef Governorate.

The Libyan source pointed out that the Libyan Interior Minister Ibrahim Bouchnaf had directed the necessity of liberating the kidnapped and pursuing criminal gangs, stressing that the security forces carried out an intense security campaign after repeated kidnappings of foreigners in recent months. He also clarified that the Egyptian citizens are fine.

Another source indicated that the security forces in Tobruk managed to arrest 7 persons involved in the killing of three Egyptian citizens, after finding their bodies with signs of torture.

The families of young Egyptians had confirmed earlier that the kidnappers demanded a ransom of LE100,000 for each young man in exchange for their release.