Zewail City Signs Agreements with European, Arab Universities

Zewail City will promote a regional and international cooperation through signing a cooperation agreements with a number of major European and Arab universities.

Zewail City
Participants at the agreement

Dr. Sherif Sedky, the Executive President of Zewail City of Science and Technology, signed a number of agreements with German and Belgian universities and institutes.

Zewail City
Officials from Zewail City and Ajman University

Dr. Tarek El Sarnagawy, Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer for Scientific Research and Development, said that Zewail has signed a series of agreements with a number of European Universities, including the University of Brussels and Gaint, the University of Ilmenau and the Karlsruhe Technological Institute.

Zewail City
Meeting between Zewail City officials and other Arab delegation

The agreements aims to enable students of MSc and PhD degrees to obtain accredited and double degrees from Egypt, Germany or Belgium. The agreement stipulates the activation of an exchange program between students and graduates for the establishment of joint research projects.

Zewail City
Officials signing the agreement

The move will also allow a mutual exchange between faculty members, research teams, undergraduate students and postgraduates.

Sedky pointed out that now students of master’s and doctoral degrees can get a double certificate from both universities, whether Egyptian, German or Belgian according to the agreements signed. In addition, students can register or complete their studies between Egypt and Germany or Belgium according to scientific needs and obtain a double degree.

Zewail City
Dr. Tarek El Sarnagawy, Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer for Scientific Research and Development

Zewail City has also initiated regional cooperation with Ajman University in the United Arab Emirates, King Abdulaziz University and King Saud University in Saudi Arabia. One of the main objectives for these agreements is to attract Arab students to study in Egypt, especially after a series of agreements carried out by Zewail City recently in order to enable the students of master’s and doctoral degrees to obtain European degrees in Zewail City.

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