What Do You Know about Swiss Cow Lilly?

By: Maydaa Abo El-Nadar

CAIRO, Nov. 20 (SEE)- Happy Lilly is a little handmade cow, sculpted and painted in Switzerland for generations. It is made of wood and showcased in Swiss embassies worldwide.
Representing digital diplomacy, Lilly is considered an ambassador that represents modern and dynamic Swiss values, yet still attached to traditions. On social media it is very active and  has numerous fans.

While it is promoting Switzerland, it also advertises the local culture where it is present; bearing in mind that merging cultures is a concept that is alive in Swiss mentality.

Lilly enjoys her stay in Egypt to the max. In Cairo it visited Groppi coffee shop and restaurant. Worth noting is that Groppi was established by a Swiss called Giacomo Groppi who came to Egypt in the eighties.

In September 2017, it visited Al Qoesir and enjoyed the Red Sea Cost. Also it had a great weekend at 2018 El Gouna film festival. Of course it did not miss touring the costal and historic city of Alexandria.

Speaking about sports, Lilly cares to give moral support to Swiss players. You can see Lilly for example around famous Swiss sports figures such as tennis players Stanislas Wawrinka, Roger Federer and Patty Schnyder.

Also it was cheering for Switzerland’s women team that faced Scotland around two months ago in World Cup qualifier.

It seems that Lilly is succeeding in her mission as it has been inspiring many people for creative ideas. One of her Egyptian followers commented “Egypt is known for its rich history, so why do not we startup a similar idea through our famous historic figures such as Cleopatra, Tutankhamen or Ramses!”

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