Wedding Photo Session in Mount Sinai

In an unprecedented event, two Egyptian couples: Mohammed Salim and Asmaa Mahmoud arranged their wedding on the top of Mount Sinai.

As all couples dream to make a photo session for their wedding in the most luxurious hotels and clubs, Salim and Mahmoud broke this rule. They tried to think out of the box, so they did a very crazy adventure.

It was too difficult, because climbing the mountain needs a very tremendous effort.

The couple took an incredible photo session taken by Yehia El Zeiny.

Wedding on The Top of Mount Sinai
Wedding on The Top of Mount Sinai

The adventure lasted more than 11 hours, starting from midnight until 1 pm. The bride and groom were accompanied by 18 other people.

While climbing the mountain, they had many challenges. The most prominent was that their friends wore their clothes before climbing the top of the mountain in order to save time.

As for the bride, she carried a bag containing her dress, and one of them carried it along the mountain’s stairs. The bride wore her dress in one of the mountain baths which has no mirror or water.

The Couple on Mount Sinai
The Couple on Mount Sinai

It is worth mentioning that the groom and bride love Saint Catherine Mountains. This encouraged them to make such unusual wedding to attract people’s attention to the beauty and civilization of Egypt.

Due to religious belief in the mountain, the wedding ceremony did not take place there. The couple celebrated their wedding in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

The most beautiful thing in this experience is getting out of the ordinary and searching for innovation. Many youth are exploring new creative ways to do different activities in various occasions.

The Bride's Friends
The Bride’s Friends

Contributed by Hager Abdel Ghaffar 

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