Vitamin D.. All You Need to Know

By: Yassmine ElSayed

CAIRO, Jan. 6 (SEE) – Vitamin D which is mainly known for its role in strengthening bones proves every day that it is a treasure one should sought. In previous pieces, ‘SEE’ tackled indirectly and partially the benefits of this vitamin but in this article we list for you in bullets what this treasure would add to your health..

The generous content is provided by Dr. Hisham Elamry, Professor of nutrition, member at the American Society of Nutrition. He is also a member at Egyptian British Society for the Study of Obesity Diseases.

1 – Reduces risk of heart attack

2 – Helps to strengthen memory

3 – Help people with asthma to reduce the severity of symptoms

4 – Maintains mental health and ability to focus until late age

5 – Protects from myopia

6 – Protects from sclerosis

7 – Helps the intestines absorb important nutrients in foods such as calcium and phosphorus

8- Strengthens immunity

9 – Strengthens bones

10 – Strengthens the muscles

11 – Helps regulate blood pressure in the body

12 – Protects from anxiety problems

13. Provides the energy for the body

14 – Protects against arthritis

15 – Helps to balance the proportion of calcium in the body

16. Prevents respiratory infection

17. Limits muscle injury

18. Helps to produce insulin

19 – Reduces risks of psychological illness, such as depression

20. Protects pregnant women from pregnancy poisoning

21 -Improves the kidney functioning

22 – Protects against some cancers

23 – Protects against heavy flu and colds

24 – Plays a major role in helping to lose weight

25 – Protects from arteries blockage

26 – Protects from Alzheimer’s disease in late age

27 -Protects blood vessels

28 – Protects from diabetes

29. Helps improve physical fitness

30 – Helps provide testosterone

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