Toddlers Aggressive Behaviors .. Here’s What You Should Do (2)

By: Yassmine ElSayed

CAIRO, Dec. 31 (SEE) – In a recent piece SEE published, experts agreed that the aggressive behavior is a normal part of your toddlers’ development as long as they don’t use the language and therefore can not express their feelings.

5 ways to deal with this behavior were listed, and in this new piece, another 5 ways will advice you what to do in those cases when your toddler demonstrate acute deeds, in other words, aggression toward others.

6. Ask your toddler what the rule is
Once he’s lashed out he will probably be happy to tell you what the rule is, even if he didn’t follow it. Asking him to remember the rule reinforces the behavior you expect and, gradually, this will sink in. It may even be better than demanding an (often insincere) apology.

7. Limit screen time
Cartoons and other shows for young children can be filled with shouting, threats, even pushing and hitting. Limit the amount of screen time your toddler has, and monitor what he watches, particularly if he’s prone to aggression. Some guidelines recommend that children aged two and under should have no screen time at all.

If and when you do let your child watch television, watch it with him and talk about what you saw afterwards. (“That wasn’t a very good way for him to get what he wanted, was it?”)

8. Help your toddler to be active
Unless your toddler gets a chance to burn off his abundant energy, you may find he’s a terror at home. Give him plenty of unstructured play time, preferably outdoors, whatever the weather, to let off steam. Guidelines recommend that children under five should be active for at least three hours a day, every day.

9. Encourage downtime
As well as being active it’s also important to encourage your toddler to have down time, playing quietly by himself. Doing so means he learns to stimulate his imagination and to amuse himself without relying on you. While any time can be good, transitions from lunch to nap time, or supper to bedtime are ideal.

10. Don’t be afraid to seek help
Sometimes, aggressive behaviour requires more intervention than a parent can provide. If your toddler often behaves aggressively, upsets other children, or if your efforts to curb his behaviour have little effect, talk to your doctor. She may refer you to someone who specialises in child behaviour.

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