Tips to Save Time in Kitchen

By Salma Yassin

CAIRO, Feb 4 (SEE)-Kitchen is the place where house wives spent most of their times either in cleaning it up, cooking, preparing food and beverages. So, here are some smart tips to avoid wasting lifetime and save as much time as possible.

1- A burned cake surface is not going to be a dilemma any more, as you can carefully remove its top, then scatter some powder sugar and reheat it in the oven for minutes to get a smooth look.

2-For well-done chicken in no time, add to your preferable dressing a small amount of vinegar an hour before cooking.

3-To cut meat easily, set it in the fridge for only 10 minutes to guarantee the sufficient coherence needed to be shaped smoothly.

4-Preheat lemon in microwave for just a minute, to obtain bigger amount of juice inside.

5-If you want to store lemons, put them inside a container filled with water, then set in the fridge for daily fresh use.

6-In order to keep cheese fresh and tasty, add 2 sugar cubes on its top.

7-To prevent ants from finding their ways to your stored sugar, add 2 cinnamon sticks above the jar.

8-Few drops of lemon juice to be added directly after rice water boils is such a perfect trick to keep snow-white cooked rice.

9-To keep bananas’ pleasant yellow color, wrap their head tightly with a plastic cover.

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