Tesla Updates Model 3 with Air Software Program

Tesla announced a coming over the air update to Model 3 that will equip the sedan with a lane-keeping-assist feature. The software updates began rolling out to customers of eligible vehicles on May 2.

Model 3 with Air Software Program

Meanwhile, Owners of Model S and Model X vehicles built after October 2016 will receive the updates later.

The feature is activated when the driver has not engaged the car’s Autopilot semi-autonomous driving mode and works to keep the car traveling within its intended lane, according to Car News.

Tesla Model

In addition the system will intervene if it senses the the car is in danger of leaving the road or departing the lane which could cause a collision with another vehicle.

The drivers can opt to have the feature on or off at any time and it works when the car is going between 20 MPH and 90 MPH.

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