Students Open “MAP” at FEPS

By: Wafaa Fayez

CAIRO, Mar. 14 (SEE) – Students at  Faculty of Economics and Political Science (FEPS), Cairo University, launched the activities of simulation model of American presidency “MAP” for the 12th year.

The model presented a complete simulation of the US election process. The election process was opened with two presidential programs for two candidates for the presidency of the United States. The participants were then given an opportunity to participate, ask candidates about the details of their presidential programs, answer them and try to convince them of their choice to win.

The model was concerned with most of the details in the US presidential election conferences, where a committee was formed from the US Congress, and a clear and comprehensive political electoral program was prepared for all political, economic and health fields.

Several lecturers attended the event. They included Ahmad Adel, the recruitment officer in the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, who talked about job market and how to find employment opportunities, and Ayman El Sherbini, logistics operations professional at GSK pharmaceutical company, who talked about the student activities and its importance and linking it to the labor market. Ahmed Amin, a student, also spoke about external educational grants and how to teach abroad

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