Sore Throat Treatment… Back to Nature

By: Yassmine ElSayed

CAIRO, Jan 10. (SEE) – Every day, science discover more ways to preserve health through nature. In this piece, ‘SEE’ provides its readers with ways to treat sore throat, which is a frequent infection in winter.

The generous content is provided by Dr. Hisham Elamry, Professor of nutrition, member at the American Society of Nutrition. He is also a member at Egyptian British Society for the Study of Obesity Diseases.

1 – Eryxus: Studies have shown that chewing some of it helps to calm the pain of the throat and eliminate coughing, but also its ability to calm lungs.

2 – Marmarya: Dried sage, when placed in a warm cup or added to chicken soup or to the food in general, helps against inflammation. It has been used since ancient time and for several centuries to alleviate all physical pain, such as stomach ulcers. A study found that sage has an effective substance that eliminates sore throat.

3 – Bananas: Bananas are one of the fruits which are easy to swallow, and contain vitamin C, which limits the inflammation of the throat, whether eaten at room temperature or frozen.

4 – cooked cabbage: It is one of the foods containing antioxidants and helps in treating the cold and flu, and it reduce inflammation of the throat. Researches showed that adding a ground piece to olive oil and turmeric, reduces the intensity of inflammation.

5 – Cooked Carrots: Carrots are rich in vitamin A, whether it was cooked by steam or roasted. It helps to strengthen the immunity and resist inflammation, especially sore throat.

6 – Tea: The tea flavors are considered pain killers. Researches showed that it stimulates the body to fight infections and inflammations.

7- Honey: Studies have shown that honey has the magic effect in calming cough and fighting  flu, and therefore, calm sore throat.

8 – Magic recipe: To eliminate the inflammation of the throat, drink a mix of lemon, honey and ginger. Mix the lemon and ginger in the blender and place the mixture in a small vase, then cover the mixture with honey, place in the refrigerator. It will then turn into a gelatinous mixture. Put a spoon of the mix in a cup of a hot water until it melts, and drink hot. It gives a quick sense of comfort, which helps reduce and treat the throat pain.

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