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By: Wafaa Fayez

CAIRO, Feb. 9 (SEE)- The historic AUC Tahrir Square campus is a landmark and cultural oasis in the heart of Cairo. A gathering place for lovers of literature, theater and all forms of arts and culture. The campus includes the two-story AUC Bookstore and café, lecture, halls, the Margon Veillon gallery of Modern Egyptian Art, and two permanent exhibition spaces.

Inside the Historic Palace, the building is Oriental Hall and Ewart Memorial Hall. Ewart has a long history of distinguished guests including Om Kolthoum, who performed there in 1937, prominent Egyptian intellectual Taha Hussein and top dignitaries, ambassadors, and intellectuals from around the world.

Today, Ewart and Oriental halls continue to serve as the prime downtown destination for a range of conferences, lectures, seminars and public events held by the University.

The AUC Tahrir Square campus is also home to the University’s School of Continuing Education, Management Center, engineering services and the Center for Migration and Refugee Studies.  The University’s School for Continuing Education is the largest component of the university’s continued presence in Tahrir Square.

The school provides educational opportunities to more than 45,000 students of all ages, offering professional training and certificate programs in Arabic and translation studies, business studies, computer and information technology studies, education, English language studies, and youth and special studies. AUC Tahrir Library

Indoor Venues

Ewart Memorial Hall: Ewart is the main hall in AUC Tahrir Square. It seats 950 people at two levels of theater-style seating.

Oriental Hall: Oriental Hall is decorated in traditional Islamic style and is frequently used for receptions, debates, press conferences, and performances.

Hill House Harmon Room: The Harmon Room can accommodate up to 15 people.

Hill House Top Floor: This top floor room can accommodate up to 140 people.

Future Art Gallery

Legacy Art Gallery

Outdoor Venues  

Bartlett Fountain Area: Located outside Ewart Memorial Hall and Oriental Hall, the Bartlett Fountain Area is available for outdoor receptions and events and can accommodate up to 250 people.

AUC Tahrir Square – Buildings/Halls/Open Spaces

Main Campus

  • Historic Palace 
  • Hill House
  • Science Building  
  • Oriental Hall 
  • Ewart Memorial Hall 
  • AUC Press Bookstore 
  • Margon Veillon Gallery of Modern Egyptian Art
  • AUC Legacy Gallery 
  • AUC Future Gallery

Falaki Academic Center

  • Falaki Mainstage Theatre

Greek Campus

  • Leased to Tahrir Alley Technology Park  

AUC Tahrir Square – Named Spaces 

  • Ewart Memorial Hall 
  • Hill House 
  • Margon Veillon Gallery of Modern Egyptian Art 

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