Salah Prefers Premier League Victory Over UEFA

By: Ibrahim El-Shawarby

Cairo, March.13 (SEE)- Mohamed Salah admited he would sacrifice his dream of winning the UEFA Champions League this year if it means helping Liverpool lift the Premier.

The Egyptian International admits he wants to avenge last season’s Final defeat, but will sacrifice his dream for the sake of Liverpool.

“I will be honest with you, the most prestigious competition for me is the Champions League,” he said. “But the dream for the entire city and the club is the league. “So, I am happy to sacrifice my dream for their dream but if we win both that would great and this is what we are trying to do.”

The Reds are just one point behind Manchester City with eight games to go in the Premier League having been in first place for much of the season.

Liverpool are also progressing nicely in the Champions League and will face Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich on Wendesday, after they drew with the German giants 0-0.



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