Russia Declares Emergency Due to Polar Bears

By: Menna Seliem

CAIRO, Feb. 10 (SEE)- The officials in Novaya Zymelia Archipelago in Russia declared a state of emergency due to the polar bears invasion.

The Russian news agency TASS said that the bears started to gather nearby human settlements in Arkhangelsk area. About 52 bears were monitored at Pelosia Guba.

According to the agency from 6 to 10 bears existed in the settlements permanently, and there were attacks on humans by the bears. In addition to that, the bears had entered the residential and office buildings.

The governor of Arkhangelsk and the provincial government said in a statement “The citizens filed an oral and written complaint demanding their safety, as the citizens are afraid of practicing their daily routines”.

TASS agency reported “Extra blocks had been put near to nurseries and special vehicles transporting military personnel and employees to work”.

The environmental authority refused to give permits to kill bears, as it is considered as one of the rarest species which is being endangered. It was mentioned that the polar ice melting is the reason for the migration of the bears to the south to find food.

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