Rolls Royce to Uncover New Generation in 2020

By Ahmed Yasser

CAIRO, Apr 7 (SEE)- Rolls-Royce’s next-generation entry level sedan will again be a sportier-looking alternative to the brutalist Phantom and Cullinan. Another important novelty will be the addition of an all wheel drive which will be mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox and a 6.6-liter V12 twin-turbo engine.

Rolls-Royce’s next-generation

This setup should make the Ghost a more dynamic and efficient car than today’s model, but don’t look for large economy gains. Rolls customers are much more interested in extra tank range than better fuel consumption.

The overall shape of the Ghost is expected to be retained for the 2021 model, and changes to the rear fascia could be limited to different lights and a bespoke bumper.

Interior of Rolls Royce phantom 

It will retain the signature rear-hinged rear doors and prominent grille design with modern touches such as; laser headlights and LED tail-lights. The bigger news is under the skin, where the Ghost will benefit from an all-new bespoke aluminium spaceframe platform.

The new model’s bespoke architecture signifies Rolls-Royce’s greater autonomy from its parent firm in Phantom, the platform is claimed to result in a 30% improvement in body stiffness over its predecessor. The rigidity gains for the Ghost are likely to be less however, given the outgoing car’s relatively modern platform.

Interior of Rolls Royce phantom 

The move from steel to aluminium should also make the 2020 Ghost lighter than the current car which weighs 2.36 tonnes in standard form and 2.45 tonnes in extended-wheelbase guise.  However, Rolls-Royce is likely to offset some of the kerb weight benefit with an increase in technology, equipment and insulation.

Expect new gauges, an updated infotainment system and the possible inclusion of the Gallery, a special section of the dashboard that can be turned into a tiny art gallery that’s already available in the new Phantom.


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