Rod el Farag Axis Bridge Built by Egyptian Hands, Arab Contractors CEO


Engineer Mohamed Mohsen Salah, Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company said on Wednesday that four thousand Egyptian workers, engineers, and technicians contributed in the construction of Rod El Farag Axis Bridge.

“The Bridge is entirely constructed by Egyptian hands,” Salah said
The chairman said Egypt witnessed an all-out development in various domains since President Abdel Fattah El Sisi assumed power, referring to the implementation of a large number of mega projects in few years.

“These projects contributed in securing millions of jobs and laying down a new development map for Egypt,” Salah said during his speech at the inauguration of Rod El Farag Axis Bridge.

He added that Sisi’s continued support had largely encouraged the company’s employees to work hard and increase the company’s competitiveness with international companies in Africa and the Arab region.

The Arab Contractor CEO noted the second phase of the axis extends from the Western Ring Road to the eastern Shubra district through western Nile branch;  El-Warraq Island, and eastern Nile branch had a width of 48 to 67.36 meters, and a length of 17.2 kilometers.

To march the development, Salah said the real gain of this project is gearing up a generation of engineers and workers capable of proceeding with such kind of mega project.

He said the company has been working around the clock since it was entrusted with building the bridge.

“Tahya Misr Bridge,” which represents 110% of “October Bridge,” was completed in four years, while the October 6 Bridge was ready to use for 17 years,” the chairman said.

It worth mentioning that President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi inaugurated on Wednesday two major national projects; Rod el Farag Axis Bridge, and Tahya Misr Bridge.

Contributed by: Mohamed Helba

Rod el Farag Axis Bridge

Rod el Farag Axis Bridge

Rod el Farag Axis Bridge

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