Regular Kids’ Nightmares May Lead to Schizophrenia

By Salma Yassin

CAIRO, Feb 5 (SEE)- A lot of mothers don’t exactly know what their kids’ nightmares mean and what are reasons behind as well as their dangerous effects on children’s psychological states in some cases.

Professor of Social Psychology at the National Center for Social and Criminal Researches Dr. Sawsan Fayed told (SEE) that, kids’ nightmares are normal thing unless they appear repeatedly in a successive and obvious way.

“Regular nightmares if not taken seriously by parents, will definitely aggravate causing severe mental diseases like loneliness preference, low self confidence, and schizophrenia”, added by the doctor.

Fayed asserted that one main reason behind the problem is disturbing situations experienced by children while being awake and transferred automatically to their unconsciousness and then their dreams.

“So, terrifying dreams may reflect child’s bad mood and deteriorated psychological state”, she clarified.


Dr. Fayed advised parents to talk frequently and in a friendly way with their children; to know if they are suffering a real problem either at school, home or with friends.

Another essential step the doctor referred to is putting in consideration that kids can’t express themselves easily or in a clear way, that’s why being attentive toward situations drive them sad or annoyed is very important.

Finally, Dr. Fayed urged parents to ask kids about what they see exactly while sleeping and try to assure them, in addition to showing tenderness and love

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