Pyramids Most Popular Myths

By: Ali Abu-Dashish, Taarek Refaat

CAIRO, Feb. 9 (SEE)- Egyptian civilization dates back to 3100 BC. The whole world is astonished by the beauty and complexity of this unique civilization to the extent that they strive to learn more about it, yet recently alleged myths are attempted at undermining its significance.

SEE presents the most popular myths concerning the construction of the pyramids

  • The Pyramids of Sudan were built before the Egypt ones

It is quite known that the construction of the pyramids took place during the reign of Djoser, the 2nd King of Egypt’s 3rd Dynasty in Egypt since the third family. The pyramids of Sudan “Nubian pyramids”, however, were built by the rulers of the ancient Kushite kingdoms In 750 BC about 2750 years ago, two thousand years after their Egyptian counterparts.

Archaeological findings in Giza, known earlier as Memphis, particularly in the area of ​​the pyramids, confirms that ancient Egyptians were the builders of the giant complex without doubt or controversy.

“When I visited Egypt in the fifth century BC, The Egyptian priests told me that 100 thousand craftsmen had struggled for 20 years to build the Great Pyramid Khufu (Cheops),” Ancient Greek historian Herodotus stated.

  • The pyramids were built by slaves and forced labor

Slaves are not capable of building a complete geometric complex that confuses all engineering and architecture experts until our present day.

The excavations carried out in the tombs of the constructors of the pyramids provided a lot of information about the progress of ancient Egyptian medicine. Surgeons managed to amputate the legs and hands of workers, as well as repair their bones fracture.

In 1989, a huge concentration of workers’ graves were discovered near the pyramids plateau, including tools used for cooking, statues, and pottery.

Tombs of the head of craftsmen, supervisors, and director of the construction work were discovered. The evidence found inside the graves confirms beyond doubt that the pyramids were built by the hands of the Egyptian workers.

  • Jews built the pyramids

Professor Israel Finkelstein, head of the Institute of Archeology at Tel Aviv University said that there is no historical or archaeological evidence indicating that the Jews are the builders of the pyramids, nor did they exist in Egypt at the time of the construction, adding that the Talmud and the Old Testament, haven’t indicated anything concerning the pyramids.

  • Ād tribe built the pyramids

The homeland of the tribe of -Ād is explicitly mentioned in several Quranic verses. It is the city of Iram, which is located in the region between Yemen and Oman, recently discovered by archaeologist Nicholas Clapp in 1990.

Ād were mentioned in the Quran separately and so did the Pharaohs, indicating that there is no connection whatsoever between the two civilizations.

Ād is usually referred to as “al-Ahqqāf” meaning the Wind-curved Sand-hills. The tribe was destroyed in a drastic storm after they had rejected the teachings of prophet Hud.

Ād giant bodies ranged between 20-30 meters in height and given the internal hallways of the pyramids, giant skeletons found in Yemen wouldn’t fit inside the complex compared to the size of Egyptian mummies, who suit quite perfectly.

  • The pyramids were built by aliens

One of the most common myths alleges that aliens from outer space built the pyramids and that Egyptian Archeologist Zahi Hawass hides this evidence in his library’s bathroom.

A reporter once challenged Hawass during the library’s renovation, entering the bathroom to find nothing of the alleged myths.

One of the most important discoveries in the twenty-first century was the Jarf Papyrus, which confirmed that the builders of the pyramids are the ancient Egyptians. The papyrus explains in full detail methods of constructing Kufu as well as the names of the workers.

The papyrus was written 4,500 years ago. It includes records of the daily activities of stone transportation from the Turah mine to Giza. The Jarf was discovered in 2013 by the French Pierre Tallet in a cave in Wadi al-Jarf.

  • Stones of Khufu’s Pyramid were exchanged for prostitution

Herodotus said in his book that the pyramid of Khufu was built by prostitution. The Greek historian claims that Khufu ordered his daughter to practice prostitution in order to receive stones from every man in an exchange for pleasure.

  • The Mexican pyramid was built before the Egyptian one

The Pyramid of the Sun is the largest building in Teotihuacan and the 7th largest pyramid. It is believed to have been constructed 200 CE and one of the largest in Mesoamerica. Yet, the Mexican pyramids were constructed later than its Egyptian one, which was concluded in the year 2560 BC.

  • The great pyramid’s name isn’t Khufu

Recently, The British Newspaper Express published that the title Khufu engraved on the walls of the pyramid was forged in 1873. The author who published this myth was Zecharia Sitchin, who didn’t study Egyptology. However, Sitchin’s trail for publicity was an unsuccessful one.

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