‘PUBG’: Here’s What 20 Gamers Think of 2018’s Digital Controversy

By: Norhan Mahmoud

CAIRO, Dec. 24 (SEE)- Being one of the most, if not the foremost, debated battle ground game in 2018, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a phenomenon that, without exception, needs to be put under the radar. Few months after being launched on a mobile platform, the game has broke all the records through manipulating millions of players to be screen-stuck almost 24/7!

Yes, Tencent’s game has redefined the online gaming ecosystem and alerted everyone from developers to social experts and worldwide governments to re-arrange their papers and study this trend that has, in no time, occupied people’s minds and made headlines on various media platforms.

That being said, following a reversed current, SEE decided to gather gamers’ opinions on the 2GB game that has caused all of this global fuss. Below are the thoughts and perceptions of the ones who are truly immense in PUBG- not activists, officials or experts.

Before scrolling down, most interviewees noted that ‘PUBG’ is an interesting waste-of-time, yet a platform that stimulates teamwork;

“Just like ‘Call of Duty,’ PUBG is an entertaining game. Through voice interaction, the game has been a major platform that boosts socialization. I believe its current success roots to its availability on a mobile platform. Meanwhile, I am not a heavy player, the game is no more that attractive. I learned from PUBG that AKM is the best weapon, otherwise it is a waste of time.” Menna Emara, 18, Egypt.

“PUBG is the best game ever developed. I play for 3-4 hours daily. Look, it is not beneficial at all, yet entertaining and fill spare time that we can negatively invest doing harmful things like drugs. The game introduced me to new people and reconnected me with old friends, I became more social. Everyone out there, don’t lose yourself on the screen.” Amr Assem, 22, Palestine.

“It is all about the spirit of conspiracy, bravery and lessening fear. PUBG’s success is for being on a mobile platform unlike PC- no time or place restrictions. I play it for 4-5 hours/day as it alleviates my stress, makes me think fast and take instant decisions. The fact that you play with your friends and think as if you are in a real war is exceptional. Not really a waste of time, I manage,” Youssef Omar, 19, Egypt.

“Frequent updates make it a professional game that puts you in mood of action. I play it for 10 hours and sleep the other 14 hrs. It filled my leisure time and deprived me of unnecessary things. It is full of sarcastic situations and introduced me to new people, you know video gaming is a profession. PUBG made me busy all the time,” Rahma Ben Nagi, 21, Libya

“I believe its instant success depends on the fact that people of different ages can play it. It is the spirit of adventure that makes it interesting, as if you live in a movie. Although, it takes a lot of my time, new people have been introduced to my life. I became more social and full of fun,” Hager Yousry,24, Egypt.

“PUBG gathers loved ones and beam a team spirit. I think I play it for one hour/day. I learnt how to fire and cooperate with my team. It is for sure a waste of time, nothing beneficial,” Mohamed Ordony, 22, Jordan.

“A great, new and attractive digital game. I can play with my friends and have a lot of fun for 3-2 hours per day and to be ranked first is a great feeling. PUBG guided me that teamwork is the way to do what you want,” Shady Raouf, 22, Egypt.

“PUBG is interesting to me as it gets people involved. I play for 5 hours or more and don’t benefit anything. It is a huge waste of time, I only knew new people,” Hend Ghanem, 23, Kuwait.

“In my opinion, this game has caused a sensation in the world of free games and it deserves all this admiration. While playing PUBG, you can communicate with your team and live the imagination. I do not see that this game is a waste of time, but in general everything has limits,” Habiba Mersal, 18, Morocco.

“PUBG is interesting and very successful. I play it for six hours but not continuous. There is nothing beneficial at all in it, yet it puts you in an action mood when killing time. It filled my leisure time that I used to do nothing in,” Mohamed Abdelhalim, 21, Egypt.

“Because of many people talking about this game and a lot of comics PUBG’s success evolved. I play all day and communicate with others from different countries. It’s funny somehow and I love this kind of games, yet frankly sometimes it is a waste of time. PUBG is part of my daily routine, I became a lazy person,” Mariam Medhat, 18, Egypt.

“Nice game, especially its graphics. It spread because of team work- a new thing. I play it for 1-2 hours but not continuous. It enhances the spirit of competition and thinking how to kill and plan. Also, treating your injured friends and learning how to pick weapons. It depends either you waste or play in your spare time,” Salah Medhat, 20, Egypt.

“PUBG is nice. It has been on PC for 6 years but not really spread as it is pricey. At first, I used to play it on PC for 6 hours, about 8 matches. Trying to survive is interesting also the funny comments. At first, it was a waste of time then I gradually stopped. On mobile phones, another developer made it so it is a bit different, I think the PC version is better,” Mohamed Fawzy, 18, Egypt.

“The best game to waste your time. People need something to waste time that’s why it is a success. I play for half an hour/day and didn’t learn anything but some information on weapons. It negatively affected my life and was gonna delete it but now I play less,” Abdel-Karim Yasser, Egypt, 20.

“PUBG made success because we are empty-minded. What is interesting is that the happiness feeling we get when we kill one of our friends. However, it wastes time tremendously,” Mohamed Nabarawy, 20, Egypt.

“It is a good game that is interesting and introduced the concept of playing in an area against 100 other players/bots. It’s available on other platforms (pc , xbox one and ps4), for me, I play it only on my phone so it is a good mobile game. Also the character design is more realistic than its competitor fortnite. It also links you with your Facebook/twitter accounts, besides the option of voice chat which is really cool and makes you want to play more and chat with your friends. I play it for 1-3 hours maximum depending on if my friends are online or not. It is really nice to chat with other people in different languages/accents specially Indians and Arabs are super funny. Currently, I am still in control and not sucked into the game. I can now understand the memes about the game that’s enough for me. Another advantage is that you can choose the language of your partners in the game including Arabic as a first language,” Ahmed Yasser, 23, Egypt.

“PUBG is a nice game that achieved success due to competitiveness, not everyone can make this. I do not play much, maybe in class and while with my friends. After, I finish studying I waste all my time in any PlayStation game till I sleep, so PUBG is not wasteful,” Mostafa Ehab, 17, Egypt.

“PUBG is an excellent game, as it is easy for communicating and connecting. I like the fact that you can play with your friends, on mobile phones, PC and PS. I play for 2 hours per day and learned that teamwork is better than individualism even if lower quality. The interesting is teamwork with your friends, yes waste of time but entertaining,” Ibraheem Hassan, 27, Egypt.

“It is a competitive game in which you insist to be first with your team even if you do not know them. I think people below 16 should not play it as it develops aggression as it is full of fighting, bombs and weapons. Unlike other games it spread fast as people mediate it, I play for one to two hours not everyday personally, but I know people who play it no less than 4 to 5 hours per day continuously. I only learnt insistence, I have to hold the first place. Playing and joking with friends is what makes it interesting, we laugh more than play. I think it is a huge waste of time, maybe a Cold War to make Arab youth addicted to it instead of learning a new language or attending a course or read. They consume them physically; I think some have been affected by it psychologically. The only addition is that my mom screams at me for playing it all day,” Youssef El-Nagar, 20, Egypt.

“PUBG is about tactics. It interestingly fills your time and boosts thinking besides interweaving all your senses together; hearing, vision and taking action,” Omar Essam, 23, Egypt.

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