Precious Message from Mom to Unborn Daughter..

By Salma Yassin

CAIRO, Feb 17 (SEE)- To the most precious little lady and the prettiest among all, I’m writing to you today while your tiny organs are still being formed inside my guts.

Do you know why I chose “Zeina” to be your name?; as you’re going to be my life’s ornament and source of joy and pleasure.

You’re truly being missed, I’m looking forward to seeing this little face for the first time. I need to hold you, kiss you and embrace your body tightly inside my chest.

I saw you several times in my dreams, how beautiful you were and how indescribable my feeling was!

All what I’m really doing now is praying God to keep you in a good health besides adding daily extra touches to your room; in order to fit welcoming the “LITTLE PRINCESS”.

Your room is absolutely cute; as all walls and furniture are just a wonderful mix of pastel colors.

Pink is almost the dominant one, as it’s my preferable color that I’m sure you’re going to adore too.

In the coming days, I’m going to put some charming lights as well as buying some flowers, toys and so many dolls and all these stuff will be waiting for you.

Confidently, you are lucky because I’m not going to be only your mom but also your friend, sister and absolute source of safety.

Boosting your self confidence is going to be my mission that won’t reach an ego level but placing an eternal inner peace inside you.

My daughter and my princess, I’ll tell you every single morning how much I love you.

In your early years and while you’re stuttering in speaking, I’ll be so excited to hear word “mom” and once you pronounce it, I’ll literally go crazy and rush instantly to hug you and print my warm kisses on your forehead, mouth and hands.

You’ll be taught a daily personal hygiene routine in order to be neat, decent, tender and overall “LADY” that everyone is impressed by her vision.

I’m going to teach you how to worship God properly through praying, fasting and reading the Quran.

Despite your small age, I’ll never underestimate whatever you say, demand or even dream of.

When you reach adolescence, I promise to comprehend your strong emotions, sensitivity and need to everything more than ever before.

I know that your virgin feelings towards a guy at that time would be real, honest and deep.

As I totally know how hard it is, I really feel sorry for whatever unstable relationships and uncompleted love stories you may pass by. This could put an end to your sense of humor and make you lose passion in most of things.

I swear I’ll suffer more than you will ever do but both of us shall not surrender to any hard feelings that can steal our laughter and change our features.

Undoubtedly, you’ll face a lot of annoying situations that’ll drive you sad and make you feel lost, but going too far with your sadness without trying to go over it will not be accepted.

I’ll never let you fight alone as long as I still alive and together we’ll be able to surpass all difficulties.

Our disputes together shouldn’t stay long as one of us has to come and reconcile the whole situation as fast as possible.

We’re going to dance, go out, do shopping, travel far as if we don’t have any other friends and let’s have great memories in every spot over this planet.

We’ll enjoy our conversation while drinking coffee in our special coffee corner at home and you’re going to tell me about your friends, dreams and also your beloved.

When it comes to the big day when “Zeina” is finally the most gorgeous bride ever, make sure that I’ll need you more than ever before. I’ll say goodbye and give you as a gift to the luckiest man on earth but not before you promise to stay close.

Surely, I’ll be happy only for your sake but honestly going back home alone is such a cruel feeling that I don’t even want to imagine.

“Zeina” you haven’t arrived yet but you always exist in my deep heart, I’m waiting to tell you how much I love you and how long I was waiting for you.

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