Pharaoh’s Magic Spells: Believe It or Not

Maybe it’s weird, but Egyptian ancestors – The Pharaohs – preceded the human civilizations in many things even in writing magic spells at their tombs.

The well-famed US actor Morgan Freeman toured the pyramid of King Djoser, the first-ever built pyramid in Egypt’s Sakkara, alongside with Dr. Salima Ikram, a professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo (AUC), according to the Express.

Then, they headed for the Pyramid of Unas, which was the first to have had inscriptions, the so-called Pyramid Texts, where they were surrounded by bewitched texts and magic spells.

King Unas Pyramid
King Unas Pyramid

Unas is the ninth and the last ruler of the Fifth Dynasty of Egypt during the Old Kingdom. He reigned for 15 to 30 years in the mid-24th century BC.

Both were fascinated by the inscriptions, previously mind-boggled archaeologists, when they discovered that the writings are real magic.

King Unas used to recite these texts to overpass real life to the other world. The texts were his weapon to defeat demons along the journey. The pharaoh was a bit superstitious!

Magic Spells in King Unas Pyramid
Magic Spells in King Unas Pyramid

One text read: “Unas will go forward and his soul will live forever.”

Another said: “Rise up Unas, and you will know the magic to be triumphant over the demons.”

Since you’re here, hit play and watch the video;

Freeman’s jaunt was aired as part of his National Geographic “Story of God” series. The series shows how religions shaped people’s understanding of God in the ancient civilizations. It is aired in three seasons on National Geographic Channel.

The latest season was aired in March this year.

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