Parents!..Watch Out “Kids’ Depression”

By Salma Yassin

CAIRO, Jan. 28 (SEE)- Here’s a silent psychological disorder that might creep into children regardless their innocence and small age, as researches revealed that kids are exposed to depression episodes the same as adults.

In a more dangerous way, kids couldn’t neither understand their psychological state while being depressed nor express it.

On the other hand, lots of parents have no idea about causes and symptoms of this depressive disorder.

The Special Education Specialist Dr. Howaida Abo El Fadl told (SEE) that ignoring this kind of depression leads to dangerous repercussions on child’s future life.

She confirmed that, 1% of kids suffer from depression in their early ages, and the percentage increases to 13% in advanced stages, especially young ladies.

Moreover, children who lost one or both of their parents are most vulnerable to be depressed, in additional to those who have a genetic disorder may suffer what is called “disguised depression”.

“Other reasons caused by parents are; criticizing and insulting kids in excessive and sharp way, besides growing them up in unstable atmosphere, where conflicts and wrangling take place frequently”, she added.

Furthermore, the doctor asserted that a child may feel a psychological disorder, anxiety and deep sadness directly after giving birth to his brother, so parents –in this case- have to pay much attention to the first born.

Regarding symptoms, the doctor stated they come up gradually and successively and represented in; interests’ abandonment, aggressive reactions, hypersensitivity and wailing in normal situations.

In the same context, the special education specialist demonstrated that kids’ talk about odd things like; death and suicide, is such a wake-up-call to parents.

The doctor completed, “other apparent problem’s signs are; preferring loneliness, or being tired, lazy and inattentive most of the time”.

In all the above mentioned cases, Dr. Howaida advised parents to consult a competent doctor, who may ask for a drug use or conducting psychological treatment sessions if symptoms get worse.

Finally as precautionary actions, Dr. Howaida Abo El Fadl urged parents to talk to their kids as much as possible, while giving ears to their questions, problems and comments, as this make them feel safe and well-beloved.

Furthermore, the doctor stressed the importance of enhancing kids’ confidence, through engaging them in social activities and improving their physical and psychological health by pursuing a healthy diet.

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