Palma, Serbian Delegation Promote Tourism in Red Sea

CAIRO, Nov. 16 (SEE)- A Serbian delegation, headed by Member of the National Assembly of Serbia Dragan Palma, resumed on Thursday their touristic promotional tour of the Red Sea governorate.

The delegation toured sightseer facilities in Hurghada and Marsa Alam following the twin-agreement between Marsa Alam and the city of Jagodina, signed by Governor of the Red Sea Ahmad Abdullah during his visit to Serbia last month.

The mission went on a sea trip in ​​Marsa Alam, which is famous for its rare coral reefs, dolphins, and Dugongs.

Palma praised efforts of the Governor for intensifying cooperation and stimulating tourism, expressing their exceptional admiration for the resort.

The tour is also expected to include visits to Al-Sokkary Gold Mine as well as Wadi El-Gamal National Park.


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