Oldest Royal Inscriptions Unveiled in Aswan


Archaeological mission of Antiquities Ministry in Wadi Abu Sabira found the oldest royal inscriptions in eastern desert, northeast of Aswan.

Dr. Mustafa Waziri, Secretary General of Antiquities Supreme Council, explained that the inscriptions date back to the Neolithic era, the pre-families era.

The mission was able to discover hundreds of rock carvings inside a circular valley semi-closed at Wadi Abu Sabira; those inscriptions depicted many animals that existed in this era, such as giraffes, elephants and crocodiles.

On his part, Abd El Moneim Said, the Director General of Aswan Antiquities, reported that some inscriptions contains Egyptian ownership marks. Also, there are some sacred booths decorated with floral motifs.

Some symbols belong to the names of kings who ruled Egypt before the 1st family such as King Scorpio or Narmer.

Said added that the density of these inscriptions in one place shows the Egyptian state stability and its control over that the vast desert.

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