Nokia Launches ”WING” Network with Great Techniques

By: Ahmed Yasser

CAIRO, Feb .12. (SEE) – Nokia expanded its Worldwide ”IoT” Network Grid ”WING” programme with the launch of new market ready solutions designed to help operators tap into additional verticals.

The new market-ready solutions for WING eliminate the challenges facing operators developing their own ”IoT” services. These include the need for specialized expertise, the complexities of combining fragmented ”IoT” connectivity infrastructure and the risk and effort of setting up and working with multiple service providers globally. Nokia works with best in class partners on ”Nokia WING” vertical applications portfolio and continues to develop the IoT ecosystem.

The four new solutions announced today, by Nokia including; smart Agriculture, livestock Management, logistics service and asset Management.

Brian Partridge Vice President , reported that “Nokia” addresses a wide spectrum of challenges through it’s ”WING IoT” infrastructure as a service so its early traction with customers isn’t a surprise. Most telecom operators desire a more prominent role in the IoT value chain that builds upon secure and reliable domestic or global connectivity.

In advance of ”Mobile World Congress”, Nokia launched off the shelf internet of things ”IoT” packages to help operators win new business in vertical IoT markets. In addition to enabling operators to achieve a fast time to market the packages simplify the set-up and operations of enterprise ”IoT” services.

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