“Noah” .. Graduation Project Discusses Refugee Issues

A team of 13 students from the faculty of Mass Communication at Beni Suef University produced a short 24-minute film called “Noah”, discussing refugee issues.

A scene in “Noah” .. Graduation Project

The film comes under the oversight of Dr. Engi Ebo Ezz, the head of the radio and television department at the college. The film took over 8 months to be prepared by the team that included directing, filming, writing and advertising.

Some of the actors in “Noah”

It was filmed in four countries – Moldova, Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey – and 85% of it was filmed in Egypt.

One of the prominent figures in “Noah”

Participating in the representation are: Bata Khalil, Hani Abdel Hay, Syrian Farouk El Shami, Helal Soliman, and Abanoub Youssef. The film includes more than five different nationalities.

Another scene in “Noah” depicting prison

The film narrates the story of three refugees from three different continents who after their political differences, found themselves in the country of asylum seeking to return to their homes.
Contributed by: Wafaa Fayez


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