New Office Design Inspired from Pharaonic Culture Introduced

By Salma Yassin

CAIRO, March 13 (SEE)- In a great attempt to adjust Pharaonic culture in line with modern-day, Nourhan Mahmoud, an interior designer, introduced a unique office design.

Mahmoud told ‘SEE’ that lotus flower is the main design’s element; which was referring to purity in Pharaonic era. L                                                                           Lotus flowers clearly appear on side walls

“Usage of this flower in office design might help in gaining customers’ trust,” she demonstrated.

She added that design also depends on number “3”; which was hallowed by pharaohs and used to indicate donation and tender.

            Interior design from the above

“Ceiling sides design consists of 3 long cavities separated by squares in order to refer to employee’s dedication to work,” she clarified.

“Moreover, in reception room and behind the front desk, wooden planks have been set to reflect suns’ shadow in form of three consecutive lines,” said Mahmoud.

                                                     Reception room

On the other hand, the interior designer pointed out that pharaohs used to use shadow formations in their designs to highlight specific concepts and meanings.

Sun light shadow in reception room

The designer also explained that new design brings together vertical, horizontal and curved lines.

“Vertical lines refer to greatness and dignity, while horizontal ones indicate stability and bent ones show elegance and streamlining,” she added.

Mahmoud said the materials used are also inspired from the widely used ones in Pharaonic era like stones, marble and wood.

            Marble floor and a side column made of marvelous stones

Regarding colors, they vary from blue; which used to stand for purity, red; that used to indicate strength and victory and yellow; which symbolized the sun and indicated eternity.

“Other white and ivory colors also used by pharaohs to indicate delight and joy and the brown one is to show dedication to work,” she confirmed.

The Interior Designer Nourhan Mahmoud

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