Mothers! All to Know About Modern Parenting Approach

By Salma Yassin

CAIRO, March 6 (SEE)- New parenting approach has recently spread in a wide-scale in order to consider kids’ mental and physical health.

Numerous books have been issued in this context that is very hard for parents to read them all.

Dr. Ahmed Ali, a psychologist and behavior modification specialist focuses on board lines that enable parents to bring up children properly in line with latest child-rearing methods.

First of all, Dr. Ali stressed the importance of understanding kids’ needs at every single age in order to avoid misunderstanding while dealing with them.

He demonstrated that a baby of 6 months seeks to discover the surrounding environment either by touching things or screaming and crying.

                   A 6-month-baby girl with her mother

“Later at age of two, children are not stubborn as parents might think but they often search for independence,” he added.

At age of 4, most of kids tend to lie not due to any character’s deficiencies but their minds in this stage mainly focus on imagination which drives them indirectly to lie.

                                          A boy lying

Dr. Ali advised parents to talk a lot to their kids besides listening to them and answering their entire questions.

“Activating body language while speaking is a very important tip like keeping eye contact, touching, embracing and kissing them,” he clarified.

Furthermore, he stressed on praising kids constantly right after doing any good action and avoid insulting them in the public for whatever reason.

Dr. Ali also urged parents to respect their kids’ playing tendencies as it’s an inherent instinct from God.

                                   Brothers playing football

“Both physical and mental games are much effective tools in building their skills,” he demonstrated.

The psychologist advised mothers to organize kids’ time by setting a daily routine and specifying times for getting up, sleeping, playing, doing school home works and others.

“Parents should also be keen on respecting each others in front of their children even if their relation is not going well as this help kids feel safe,” said the specialist.

Regarding ways of punishment, Dr. Ali said punishment should be limited to fatal mistakes besides defining punishment roles to kids in advance.

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