Moment of Truth.. Happy Ramadan

By: Elham Aboul Fateh


Happy Ramadan to every body.. Let’s start the holy month by praying and wishing that it brings all blesses and joy to us.. Oh Allah please make it a month full of blessings and mercy and forgive all our sins and have mercy on us.  

Thanks God, we are living the time of construction and development in Egypt, where every day, we see some national projects that contribute to a strong economy hailed by international institutions. But what is important is that each day, a new door of hope and good gets opened.

I request our Almighty God to bless Egyptians and to keep its president Abdel Fattah El Sisi, who promised and fulfilled, swore to protect his people and fulfilled; Egypt is turning, during his administration,  to a stable and secured hub in the region.

Days ago, one of his most important achievements was made, one that will change the lives of Egyptians. It can be called “the second crossing of Sinai”. The first was carried out by heroes in the eternal battle of (October- Ramadan) in 1973.  In it, Egypt recorded victory, in six hours.

In 2019, Egypt will secure a second crossing to Sinai, which happened in the same day of the 150th anniversary of the inauguration of the Suez Canal for international shipping. The Canal was owned by an international company until its nationalization in 1956. This time, an opening of the four tunnels, will end the Sinai break forever. We crossed the Barlev line in six hours, and today we pass it in 6 minutes due to urbanization projects, thanks to the vision and conscious insight. We started working in the Port Said Tunnels on November 2, 2016 and in the tunnels of Ismailia on August 6, 2016. And now, less than 3 years later, they were inaugurated by the president, for Egyptians later to cross to Sinai and link forever as real development process is being implemented. This development process is expected to turn Sinai into an economic capital for Egypt, with no fear or humiliation.

Oh God, make us recognize what is true and follow it, and reveal the falsehood, disclose and unfold it along with hypocrisy and make it behind us..  

As Ramadan is beginning, Egyptians are displaying an example for solidarity and while offering support to the weak as well as providing relief to those in need. The greatest of these is the ‘Ramadan Tables’- these tables are a cultural phenomenon more than a religious one. The tables are scattered all around Cairo during Ramadan and provide the city’s poor with an open invitation to Iftar, or breakfast, provided by fortunate citizens. These tables have become a story of generosity of Egyptians that is not found in any country in the world. There is no place in the world where tables of food are prepared for passers by, and bags of of food are given to poor people for Ramadan which represents time of doing good to others. 

Our problem as Egyptians is that we consider Ramadan, a month of dependence and laziness, and we justify it by fasting. We sleep during the day until noon and stay up all the night. The holy month is not at all a reason for this. If one considers the real meaning of reward in the fasting month, one would consider this time is but an opportunity. This is especially true as Allah reward a good deed ten times.. except the fasting, which he said he would reward it in a special way.. This is true for the value of the deed as well as the fact that the fasting, is a secret communication between servants and their Lord .., I am surprised how can some people respond to this whole generosity by distress and abstaining from doing their work and serving others, but instead resort to sleep, leaving the divine doors of mercy.

In this month, I appeal to the officials to ease traffic that we see and live every year. Oh God, please give traffic men the view, vision and plan, not just in Ramadan .. We are about to stage the African Cup of Nations. Our country will be a destination for our African brothers competing in one of the major international football tournaments. Fans will accompany soccer teams and Egypt will be at international spotlight; some parties are ready to point out mistakes and others are expecting amazing organization of the tournament as they follow the achievements of the Egyptians in every field .. I hope we will not face traffic problems.

Thanks Allah, May we remain alive to observe next Ramadan while we are perfect, as well as fostering development and stability in our country, proceeding toward the future with promising steps taken to elevate its status among nations. Happy Ramadan.

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