Makram Congratulates Malek for Winning “Golden Globe”

By: Gehan AboElElla, Yasmine ElSayed

CAIRO, Jan. 8 (SEE) – Immigration Minister Nabila Makram congratulated the Egyptian-American Actor Ramy Malek after he was awarded ‘Golden Globe’ for best actor for his role at movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

The film tells the story of the rise of English “Queen” band, in which Rami plays the role of singer and songwriter Freddy Mercury, before 1970 when the band was formed by Brian May and Roger Taylor until performing the first song “First Aid” in 1985, six years before the death of Mercury . The film was directed by Brian Singer, the director of X-Men. The movie stars Johnny Depp and Ben Weishu, in addition to Malek.

Malek was born in Los Angeles on May 12, 1981 to Egyptian parents, who left Cairo in 1978 and settled in Los Angeles, California. His father worked in insurance while his mother worked as an accountant. Malek, who speaks Arabic at home, has a twin brother named Sami who works as a teacher, and his sister, Yasmine, works as a doctor.

Originally from Samalut city in Minya Governorate, His father insisted on talking to him in Arabic and linking him to his Egyptian roots and in their hometown of Egypt.

On her part, Makram lauded the role played by the family to preserve their Egyptian identity in the light of another dominant culture. She stressed upon the significance of the great role played in raising kids within a certain cultural life. “We are a country of youth, who can work to convert their society into more developed and can register progress in all fields,” she added.

Makram pointed out that the ministry is playing this role with the second and third generations of Egyptians abroad, where it aims to connect them to their motherland, through organizing a number of events that are predominantly national, to benefit from their ideas.

The ministry also launched an “Talk Egyptian” initiative to preserve the national identity and especially for Egyptian children living abroad. She stressed that Egypt aims to consolidate the Egyptian identity at its citizens abroad, and teaching the newest generations about their country’s history and reality.

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