Milan Fashion Week Kicks off [Photo]

By: Taarek Refaat

ROME, Mar.2 (SEE)- The Milan Fashion Week “Settimana Della Moda” took place this week in Italy.

The event is one of the world’s most popular exhibitions, witnessing the participation of world-renowned fashion designers.

The show reveals the autumn/winter collection in February/March of each year.

International designers have presented their latest fashion designs, with some of the leading Italian artists such as Sofia Alemani and Gyusi Donini, who managed to attract the attention of many stars and celebrities from around the world during the event.

Moroccan designer Salima El-Boussouni has presented a range of exquisite and sophisticated designs, mainly handcrafted caftans, displaying her very own modern version of it.

El-Boussouni has been named one of the most iconic designers and has become an inspiration for many Arabs, who aim to develop their talents in the fashion  industry. Her style combines a blend of Moroccan tradition and modern aesthetics.

Donini has also introduced a collection that suited the character of European women while retaining the traditional form of Italian dresses that is cosmopolitan and attractive.

Emirati Cheryle Dias, American Rock Star, along with a hub of Italian designers including Atelier Blushael, Jasha, Petro Paradiso, Scalzi & Pareati, Re Mida, Ivana Todaro were among the participants, who showed a combination between the essence of elegance and decency.

Fashion Journalist Ahmed Adel noted that the show aims at bringing fashion designers at one platform, offering them the biggest opportunity for wider exposure in international Markets.

Miss European and African Look 2018, Tunisian Rahma Segni was among the most notable guests of honor during the event. She was keen to appear in an opulent look, adding glance and vibrancy to Arabian beauty.

Segni was also crowned Miss Rosa Gallica 2017, and Miss University Africa in the same year.

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