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BBC Social Media Logo Colors Spark Controversy Ahead with Expected Royal Family Announcement

Sun 17 Mar 2024 | 10:49 PM
Rana Atef

Moments ago, various social media users posted that BBC, one of the most prestigious media voices of the UK, and the Royal Family, turned its logo and covers on social media to black ahead with the anticipated major Royal announcement.

Users said that the colors were changed after the announcement of the late Queen Elizabeth's death, so the expected news could be related to the death of one of the Royal Family members.

BBC logo turned black !!

Recently, the Royal Family suffered from several major health issues for key Royal members.

King Charles III announced cancer diagnosis, while the Princess of Wales had an abdominal surgery.

However, there are various rumors about Kate Middleton, and her relationship with Prince William, and her health.

Many users also posted that BBC teams were asked to on standby for a Royal Announcement.

Oop the BBC has been asked to be on standby for a Royal Announcement? 👀#RoyalFamily #KateMiddleton #KingCharles #PrinceofWales #BBCNews

On the other hand, various users confirmed that the logo of BBC is always black.

The BBC logo didn’t change in colour…It is black and white; and it was black and white to begin with.