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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Egyptian Bodybuilder "Ayman Magdy" Dies of Sudden Heart Attack

Sun 24 Mar 2024 | 06:38 AM
Taarek Refaat

A state of sadness gripped the Egyptian city of Tanta following the news of the death of Ayman Magdy, the world champion in bodybuilding, of a sudden heart attack.

The father of the bodybuilder said that his son has been suffering from a stomach and colon disease for 3 months, and he was visiting doctors to try to diagnose his health condition, and after rumors spread about the crisis, it was revealed that he had a severe stomach ulcer, after which he underwent treatment and his health condition improved slightly.

The father explained that he was surprised by the return of the disease a few days ago, and he once again underwent medications and tests, but yesterday morning, they were surprised by the deterioration of his health condition and his inability to breathe. He entered into a state of severe fatigue, recited the "Shahada" more than once, and fell unconscious.

He added that he was transferred to a hospital, but upon his arrival he took his last breath and died, and the doctors explained that death was due to a severe drop in blood circulation as a result of a severe heart attack.