Head of Media Faculty at Munich explains uses of Virtual Space

Mohamed Badr,Head of media faculty at Macromedia University for applied science in Munich, who was honored as the best professor in German 2017, explained the uses of virtual space.

Virtual space is considered as the latest techniques employed in mass media currently. Through wearing a specific glass and seating in front of specific machine, the messages will be delivered to audience.

This technique is used in PR and marketing fields and it has become a method to teach college students as it replaced the traditional method of teaching.

Badr sent a message to all professors to communicate with their students and to realize that every student is different from his colleague. This new move will benefit the country and will make it sophisticated.

Badr said, “Sooner or later the opportunity will come but we have to be ready for it; as mass media labor market needs persons with multiple skills.”

Contributed by: Menna Seliem

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