Luxurious Handmade Jewelry for Spring Introduced

By Pasant Elzaitony
Heba Mamdouh Elnady ; a handmade jewelry designer introduces a fashionable and luxurious collection for spring.

Heba Mamdouh Elnady ; a handmade jewelry designer

The collection characterized by softness, tenderness and shapes are inspired from nature like flowers, butterflies and birds.
The designs focus on the eastern pattern and some of them are carved with words of the most popular songs of the renowned Lebanese Singer Fayroz like “Feh Amal” and “Sabah We Masah.
Furthermore, some of the items embody faces of African women in recognition of their major role in building the ancient Egyptian culture.


Elnady used high quality copper that’s easily to be shaped and plated.
She chose copper as it was frequently used by the old Egyptian pharaohs while making their handmade accessories.
The collection is plated with gleaming silver, platinum and gold apart from the previous winter collection which was presented in matte colors.
Some of the items are inlaid with natural pearls.

Photo Session

Elnady chose the photo session of her spring jewelry collection amid group of beautiful flowers with charming colors to reflect the joy of spring.

Elnady’s Celebrities

“Sherihan” is an accessories collection presented by Elnady and inspired from the Egyptian Star Sherihan, one of the fashion icons in Egypt.
This collection depends on Retro style, an international fashion style that is totally admired by a lot of people as well as the Star Sherihan.
Moreover, many other celebrities published their personal photos on social media platforms while wearing Elnady’s jewelry.
Some of those Celebrities are Assaad Younis, Boushra, Reem El Baroudy, Farah Ali, Hedy Karam, Amina Shalbaya, Noha Abdel Aziz, Radwa El Sherbini, Laila Ezz El Arab, Sherihan Abou El Hassan, Mariam Amin and others.

El-Ghoria, Al-Salhiya Districts

7 years ago, these districts located in downtown Egypt were the beginning of the story, as Elnady has mastered the work techniques from craftsmen there.
Step by step, she achieved a great fame and reached by her unique designs to the United States, some European and Arab countries.
Elnady’s jewelry are just pieces of art that are perfect to be worn for different occasions; as they fit casual wear beside the soiree one.

Contributed by Salma Yassin

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