Let Home Be Your Comfort Zone

By Salma Yassin
CAIRO, Feb 12 (SEE)-Home is a private kingdom where much time is spent apart from outer fuss. Here are some tips to literally make this place your “comfort zone”.
 Home swing
Set a swing in a room where you prefer to spend most of your time whether bedroom, living room, or balcony.
This helps you to relax while reading a book, listening to music, watching a TV series, or even surfing the internet.
Green plants
Plants as a source of nature affect home’s atmosphere in a great way, so scattering random plant pots and flower vases everywhere has much to do with relaxation.
Water element in home helps you reach maximum level of calmness and amusement.
This could be attained by pouring some water inside transparent flower vases, fish tanks, or even a small fountain one of home corners.
Natural light is considered an important source of positive energy, hence, open curtains early every day and let light rays brighten all rooms.
In the evening, turn on soft lights beside group of scattered candles and just enjoy calm nights.
Fresh scents
Good scents in home are main reasons behind pleasure and joy, so let your kingdom has its own special fragrance.
Scented oils especially Lavender are great options here, as they are highly concentrated and their effect can last for a long time.
These oils can be sprayed in carpets, bed mattresses, sofas and on top of lambs, after mixed with water.
 Finally this widespread odor will give you and your visitors high sense of relaxation.

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