Learn in Egypt.. Educ Min. Inaugurates Initiative to Attract Foreign Students

Ministry of Education launched “Learn in Egypt” initiative to attract more foreign students to Egyptian universities.
The initiative guarantees easy procedures and overcomes all difficulties faced by non-Egyptian students. Starting from 1st of May, foreigners can apply for Egyptian universities and institutions for the academic year 2019/2020.
This was stated by Dr. Rasha Kamal, the acting head of the central department for foreign student affairs.
She pointed out that students can apply also for the second semester at any university starting from 1st of November.

ApplicationsApplications can be sent via https://www.wafeden.gov.eg, or www.mohe-casm.edu.eg.
It’s a must for students to have high school diploma or equivalent documents besides all other necessary paper work like copies of the education certificate and passport.
Their names should be written the same way in their passports as well.
To apply in the central department for foreign student affairs in the embassy district at Nasr City, it’s a must to bring original high school diploma or equivalent document.
In addition to that, candidates need to bring along with them 6 personal photos, the aptitude test’s score if required and the application fees payment bill should also presented.
For further inquiries, kindly visit inquiry@wafeden.gov.eg or call the hot line 19064.
Contributed by Salma Yassin

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