King Farouk’s Granddaughter Weds in Switzerland

Written by: Ibrahim El-Shawarby

CAIRO, Jan.21 (SEE)- Princess Fawzia Latifa, the granddaughter of King Farouk and daughter of King Ahmed Fouad the last King of Egypt, wedded on Monday in her father’s home in Geneva Switzerland.

Both families of the bride and groom attended the ceremony, and like many Egyptian traditional weddings, the song Dokko El-Mazaheer played in the background, in addition to the song “Mabrook Mabrook”.

King Ahmed Fouad the second previously celebrated the Marriage of his daughter Fawzia on Saturday in his home in Geneva, Switzerland in an atmosphere full of joy.

The Wedding Ceremony was celebrated in the home of King Ahmed Fouad, in a simple yet beautiful festivity, some of the prominent guests included Yasmine, daughter of queen Ferial and her husband Ali Shaarawy, in addition to Mohamed Ali and Fakhr El-Din the brothers of the bride.

Princess Fawzia was born on 12 February 1982 in Monaco, she has two brothers, Mohamed Ali born in 1979 in Cairo and Fakhr El-Deen born in Dar El-Bidaa on 1987, she was named Fawzia after her aunt.

Fawzia (37 years), the daughter of Ahmed Fouad he second, the last king of Egypt before the revolution tied the knot with a muslim Frenchman Silvian Honodo (39 years) who works as an engineer in the principality Monaco.

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