Italy Launches Flights to Egypt’s Mersa Alam

By: Norhan Mahmoud 

CAIRO, Mar. 17 (SEE)- Starting April, direct flights are to take off from Italy’s Rome and Naples’s airports voyaging to Egypt’s Coastal Gem; Mersa Alam. 

Italian news agency Di Viaggi reported that an Egyptian airline agency will kick off these journeys, counting on their satisfactory ventures and booming reservations last year. 

Another route from Bergamo to Sharm El-Sheikh will also run as of March 31. 

Italy aims to send about 22 flights weekly to Egypt, exceeding Germany’s touristic trips and topping all European counties. 

The company’s Sales Manager Riccardo Santagostino underlined that from November 2017 to December 2018 carried about 1.6 million passengers, including 120k from Italy. 

Mr. Santagostino said that the agency’s bookings are forecast to increase by 20% in 2019. 

He added that since October 2017 the Egyptian-Italian touristic sector has showed promising figures supported by operating new routes from Italy’s major cities to Egypt’s touristy destinations.

And to all our Italian friends planning a trip to Mersa Alam’s golden sand and murmuring waves; Benvenuto! 


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