Iran Celebrates Islamic Revolution’s 40th Anniversary in Cairo

By Maydaa Abo El-Nadar

CAIRO, Feb 12 (SEE) – The Interests Section Office of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Cairo celebrated on Monday the Islamic Revolution’s 40th anniversary, at the Ambassador’s residence.  

Amongst the attendees were the Maronite Church’s Bishop in Egypt George Sheehan and the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs’ Assistant for Asia’s and the Pacific Islands’ Affairs Khaled Tharwat.

Iranian Ambassador Naser Kanaeny during his speech mentioned that throughout the past four decades, and according to the accredited International institutes, Iran developed in several fields including the educational, scientific, health, infrastructure, economic, industrial, and social areas.

He added that regarding the country’s economy on an international level, Iran jumped from the 26th place in 1979, to the 18th in 2017. In addition, the International Monetary Fund expects that Iran will be ranked the 15th in 2021. Iran’s general budget dependence on the oil revenues decreased from 73% to 28%, and the country’s non-oil exports expanded.

Speaking about the bilateral relations between Egypt and Iran, Kanaeny said, “Both countries share historical ties and principles that depend on the peaceful solutions for the zone’s current issues”

“Iranians and Egyptians are close to each other. Both are aware and share common understanding in the intellectual, cultural, political, and social areas. Iran cares about Egypt’s stability and development, and I am sure that both countries, sooner or later, will initiate developing their mutual relations.”

“Iranian and Egyptian people share historical, cultural, and religious ties. This could be touched in their love to the Messengers including the Prophets Muhammad and Jesus.”

Before the celebration, there was an exhibition of photos about Iran’s nature and its historic sites, and of books published in the following areas: Persian poetry history, contemporary literature history, and popular proverbs, Egyptian studies about Iran and its culture, and the Iranian Revolution.

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