Instagram Releases Special Features in Ramadan

Instagram introduced a new camera effect called Lantern which users can use when they post stories in fasting month.

The camera effect ”Lantern” features subtle bokeh and crescent shapes inspired by the ornamental Arabesque design style in keeping with the Ramadan spirit.

In addition the words “Happy Ramadan” on Instagram stories. Tapping on the screen will switch the text between English and Arabic users can also just use the shapes without words.

Instagram introduced a new camera effect called Lantern

Samer Jamal the Strategic Partner Manager, MENA at Instagram reported that ”Instagram” is a diverse global community and Ramadan is one of the biggest cultural moments celebrated on the platform.

Instagram’s data shows that Ramadan is a time when people come to Instagram to share their moments of kindness and good deeds with words associated with charity increasing significantly.

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