In BUE Symposium, Aboul Gheit Tackles Egyptian, Arab Issues

By Mai Shaheen and Nawal Sayed

CAIRO, March 12 (SEE) – In a symposium held at the British University in Egypt (BUE), Secretary General of the League of Arab States Ahmed Aboul Gheit tackled many issues about Egypt and Arab countries.
Aboul Gheit revealed many unknown facts about the Egyptian political arena after the eruption of Jan. 25, Revolution in 2011, in addition to Egypt’s role in Africa.
During the symposium, Aboul Gheit said that change is always needed, but not for the purpose of chaos that may cause enormous damages.
“After Jan. Revolution, nobody imagined that Egypt will remain strong and stable,” he added. “Egypt is capable of keeping developed.”
In a response to a question about the Egyptian role in Africa, the Arab League Secretary General noted that Egypt has its needs as same as Africa. “Egypt built bridges on the Nile River before Congo.”
He stressed that in his book entitled “My Testimony,” he wrote about the anger of Egyptian people in 2012 and chaos that the country witnessed.
“Now Egypt restored its balance under the rule of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi,” he said.
Aboul Gheit pointed out that late President Mohamed Anwar Sadat is treated unfairly.
“If Sadat did not succeed to restore Sinai from Israel, it would be occupied till this moment.”
He manifested that Sadat must be treated as a historic figure like Ramsis II.
As for the Palestinian issue, the LAS secretary-general said that “the Palestinian cause is not frozen. We should reconsider it.”
“We should not wait until we lost Palestine in favor of Israel.”
As for Iran, Aboul Gheit condemned statements made by Iranian Revolutionary Guard Deputy Commander recently, in which he called for shutting down the LAS.
“These remarks are valueless,” he said.
Commenting on the Syrian crisis, Aboul Gheit stressed that presence of non-Arab countries in Syria is refused categorically.

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